A9 uebersichtWhere: Albania North
Length Route: 90 KM
Difficulty:  90% Gravel
Max Hight: 1500 Meter

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Driven with KTM 950 SE (2 Persons)

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Afternoon we reach the junction to the Dirt Track. He is insignificant, located at an altitude of 800 meters.

Albanien_SUV_a.jpgThe track is the first four kilometers partially tarred and then goes into a good gravel road. There come to us again and again taxi - buses contrary, the workers from the iron mine. Here you have to drive carefully, because the road runs always along the slope and on the other side it can ever go down 200 meters.

Albanien_SUV_b.jpgIn the rocks we see excavators, loaded the trucks with ore. We arrive at old, partly very dilapidated factory buildings over, that are in the mountains. Sometimes we meet sporadically to locals.
Albanien_SUV_d.jpgThen we also have our first and only defect on our motorcycle, the porters is broken, so taken 2 pegs of our unused tent as rails and secured with a tape strip. 2 locals come and see us there. They can not understand what we are looking for as a tourist herebecause Tirana would be much better than this lonely place for us.
A9b_hoehe.gifWhere: Albania North
Length of route:   ca. 90 KM
Difficulty:  90% Dirt track, gravel
Max High: 1500 Meter
Albanien_SUV_c.jpgAfter repairs, we drive with more cautious on our next-terrain trail. We come to a military post, then drive through a national park with great scenery. At the end we meet several trucks which transport trees from the National Park.
Albanien_SUV_i.jpgFor the next 2 days we stay in this 4 star hotel, about 10 km away from Tirana, on the National Park entrance and situated on 500 meters altitude. Here you can relax and unwind.

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