A8 uebersichtWhere: Albania North
Length Route: 75 KM
Difficulty:  40% Gravel
Max Hight: ?? Meter

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Driven with KTM 950 SE (2 Persons) + Buggy Quadix 800 
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Around 5 clock in the morning we drive from our hotel to the ferry port 20 kilometers away.

Since 2015 there is a new ferry which transports bikes, cars and expedition vehicles (to 3.80 height).
Also, there is still a smaller ferry for car's and motorcycles.


Albanien_Faehre_aaa.jpgYou should already be very early in the harbor, because it has become common knowledge that this ride is a tidbit in Albania. Especially during the holiday season, the ferry is full. Even locals use the ferry. On top of the ceiling, there is seating areas and you can buy snacks on board.

Albanien_Faehre_c.jpgThe drive through the high mountains is partially landscaped unique, you felt like you were in Norway on a fjord. The crossing takes about 2.5 hours. Many tourists have come by bus to travel in Albania.
Albanien_Faehre_b.jpgWe have arrived on the other side fight our way through the already waiting vehicles, from this side, there is a lottery game in the summer for a place to get hold on the ferry. Beginning of July all is full. 
Albanien_Faehre_z.jpgWhere: Albania North 
Length of the route:   ca. 45 KM Difficulty:  70% No (Ferryboat)
Max Height: ?
Albanien_Faehre_d.jpgFrom the harbor, it goes through a illuminated tunnel, then the route is varied, partly on gravel, partly on paved road we drive along the reservoir.
Albanien_Faehre_e.jpgOn the ferry we met another 2 Austrian motorcyclists, who were traveling by Albania and now go overland via Croatia homeward. We continue in the direction Shkoder, where we take a little outside the hotel.


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