Offroad is our favorite leisure time activity, nature, solitude and lots of beautiful scenery, all that can be discovered on our tours when wheeling. Whether Enduro, All Terrain Vehicles, distance enduro, SUV or four-wheel truck, this virus has infected us.

Dear offroad enthusiasts on the following pages you will find everything to off-road routes / travel throughout Europe and North Africa, all these tours are displayed in German books.
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General information about the Offroad books
All Offroad books on the following pages are in English.
(Wer nach Bücher in deutscher Sprache sucht, bitte hier klicken)
Books in DIN A5 for the tank bags.
Spiral bound around the sides to fold.
GPS data tables for routes in the book.
Solid cardboard.

Projekt : 4x4 Abenteuer Europa

logo blauHallo liebe Offroadbegeisterte, wir fahren über Stock und Stein quer durch Europa, wenn Ihr wollt dann könnt Ihr unsere Erlebnisse unter folgenden Plattformen mitverfolgen.
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    Booke with offroad routes usually have one or two starting points from which in a star shape, the off-road routes to be traveled. The routes can usually be departed as a half-day tour from the starting point. As a starting point serves a campsite or a guest.
    E-Books Offroad Travel
    The offroad travel books are designed as off-road journey through a region or a country. It is always traversed a daily stage after another, it is usually a round through the country / region. At each end of the day there is a guest house / camping. The tours also include repeatedly sections that lead to asphalt roads.

    Load GPS data as a ZIP file from the Internet
    Included with the e-book is the option to load the GPS data from the Internet after purchase. Detailed information
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Europakarte Albanien uebersichtAlbania Offroad Travel Required Time: minimum 14-18 Days Period of travel: May until November Distance:  ca. 2000 KM Summary: The route runs from South to North on the beach over, then it goes into the interior, goes through the National Park's by Drintal (Gorge) further north. Then it's off to the ferry and by a fjord. Then it's on the coast again to the south.

Europakarte Rumaenien uebersichtRomania Offroad Travel Required Time: minimum 13 Days Period of travel: May until Octobre  Distance:  ca. 2550 KM Summary: This route runs through the Semenic montains, then through the Carpathians and at least through the Apuseni Mountains. The route touches the Bran Castle (Dracula), fortified churches and many monasteries.

Europakarte Slowenien uebersichtSlovenia 17 Offroad Routes  Required Time: minimum 12 Days Period of travel: May until November Distance Off Road:  ca. 500 km
Summary: This Offroad Routes can be combined for a travelling through Slovenia. Lovely routes through beautiful landscapes!

Pyrenaen uebersichtPyrenees 16 Offroad Routes   Required Time: minimum 12 Days Period of travel: May until November Distance Off Road:  ca. 600 km
Summary: In the autumn are the Pyrenees the perfect place to be ... and to drive Off Road!

web Croatia karte kleinCroatia 17 Offroad Routes    Required Time: minimum 14 Days Period of travel: April until November Distance Off Road:  ca. 400 km
Summary: Croatia offers off-road driving together with bathing fun, sometimes you have a view of the deep blue sea.

web Iceland karte kleinIceland 21 Offroad Days  Required Time: minimum 21 Days Period of travel: Juny until September Distance Off Road:  ca. 1500 km
Summary: Wonderful roads! who wants to drive to the highlands should not do this before June.


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