A1 UebersichtWhere: Albania 
Length Route: 115 KM
Difficulty:  95% Tarret
Max Hight: 300 Meter

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Driven with KTM 950 SE (2 Persons)
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In Igoumenitsa our little adventure Albania begins. At this time, we know not yet how great will be our journey.


Albanien_Motorrad_b.jpgA small tar road brings us to the 30 kilometers land border with Albania. We think we must stay longer at the border until we have all papers, but far from that after a short time its all done. We need the vehicle registration certificate and the passports, each get a stamp and then we can continue. The customs officer wishes us a great Holiday.

Albanien_Motorrad_c.jpgThe first impressions are landscaped throughout our expectations. Green fields, a lot of agriculture and a small asphalt road we drive on. At the village, we turn into an unpaved road that brings us to the next village, where we meet again on the tarred road that brings us to our first highlight. Butrint is a fortress, we reach it with a small ferry that brings us romantically for 1 euro over the river.
Albanien_Motorrad_d.jpgNext we drive along a lake to Saranda. This city and resort has numerous hotels and beachesWe get to a ATM where we pick some Albanian Lec; the hotels you can pay almost in Euro.
A1hoehe.gifWhere: Albania
Length of the route:   ca. 115 KM
Difficulty:  95% Tarred
Max Height: 300 Meter
Albanien_Motorrad_h.jpgWe visit a fortress with a great view of the coastline and beach before we go to our camp about 40 km distant. On a hill there are 14 huts, located directly at the beach with a great view. Directly below is the restaurant, where you can treat yourself a good meal an drink.



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