n usb klein How to create an USB – Stick from a MDMOT Medium and how to transfer the data of a Navigattor with OziExplorer.
Important: for the creation of the manual, we used as an example the MDMOT GPS data of Slovenia.
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Who has acquired a MDMOT USB stick that can skip this section, because you can insert the MDMOT stick directly into the Navigattor (B).The Navigattor has a free USB port and usually a busy port with an SD card.There are two ways how to transfer the MDMOT GPS data on the Navigattor then to activate them there.
A: SD card: In the Navigattor models usually already exist inserted an SD card where already maps for Igo (Car Navigation) and Ozi Explorer (Offroad Navigation) are filed. You could create in this Navigattor SD card an additional folder MDMOT and copy the complete folder OziExplorer from the acquired MDMOT medium (SD card, USB stick or CD).
B: USB-Stick: The Navigattor has a USB - port where you can plug in a USB stick. This is the safe method, you buy a new USB flash drive and copies the complete contents of our GPS data CD to USB - Stick. You have just created a MDMOT USB stick wich you can use this in the Navigattor with access to the data (tracks, routes or waypoints).
Tip: The easiest way is a MDMOT USB Stick to acquire directly with the book, this one can then even without copy plugging in the Navigattor..
Navigattor instruction manual PDF


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